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Makes sense to have the kids immune systems boosted during this time!
http://www.learningherbs.com/wildcraft.html - we all love this game
Eugene is a wonderful community with lots of options. I don't have time for a long post but just wanted to chime in quickly to say that both the Eugene Waldorf and Oak Hill schools have great scholarship programs. And Cottage Grove is a much different place than Eugene. I'd advise spending some time visiting before deciding anything permanent! All the best in whatever you do!
Does anybody have experience here? Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Thanks mamas, these are all super helpful, keep 'em coming. Any specific midwives or OBs? Anyone have experience with SAlmon Creek in VANCOUVER? I think she'll check out Andaluz, but I bet her husband is going to weigh in for something hospital affiliated! Thanks again!
I agree with what Sharr said, Eugene is super vbac friendly! Any of the midwives she mentioned, including Anita and Erin at Sacred Waters would be supportive. all around and find someone who feels right and you have a good rapport with!
Greetings, O Wise and Wonderful Mamas of Portland! I am looking for some advice for my sister, who is newly pregnant. She lives in Vancouver and works in Lake Oswego and is just beginning to investigate her birthing options. She is pretty mainstream, but after witnessing the beautiful homebirth of my daughter a couple years ago, she is interested in natural childbirth and the possibility of working with a midwife, probably at a birthing center or with a hospital...
Oy, I have 3 non-stop talkers at home! DH, DS,4 and DD, almost 2....I crave quiet... And it has become a bit of an issue at DS's Waldorf preschool where they try to do a 3 minute quiet time at lunch and also at rest time. His inability, (although he is getting better) to quiet is disruptive to the other children at times...We have started "practicing" being quiet at home with a little egg timer for 3 minutes at the dinner table.... I don't know who has a harder time, my...
also, i guess my dad wants to take the kids to sea world. any tips on that front? what to see? what to skip, etc?
thanks for all your input, ladies.!packing for our trip now. One thing i'm confused about- is the children's museum the same one that's at the witte? or is this someplace different?
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