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I was wondering where you were...Hope things are ok!
I'll let the group know - i'm not sure who exactly IS the admin and has 'approval' so hopefully they'll see it soon! looking forward to having you over there.
Monkeyscience - you could make up another fb account and just make up a name (or use monkey science :) ). you don't have to show your personal info on display. Would that work for you?
I was wondering where everyone is. I spend more time on FB unfortunately, too.. lol
Haaa! Dog poop is the bane of my existence. We have 2 that are pooping machines. Good thing that it's only -20 today. Frozen poop much easier to scoop than summer poop! I just do a bit of a squat with Kenzie in the ergo to pick the crap. Good for the legs, anyhow. Gotta condition them for the upcoming hiking season.   (sorry for the poop talk...)
Hrm good to know. I think there's an option to do a hip/side carry with the Ergo (since we have that).  We also do have a Moby but it freaks me out when I try to use it. Feels too unsecure.
  Getting ready to head out in the -38C weather!   Tummy time     This was hiiiilarious as she had this little curl at the top of her head so she was dubbed "Kenzie Lou Who" for a while :)   Love seeing all the pics of the babies! How time flies :-) 
Yes, this :-)
Maybe try a sleep sack? Not sure what you use at the present moment.  I use the sleep sack for her every time she sleeps regardless of what hour. It's not restricting but keeps her legs from kicking off anything and keeps her arms free as she needs her arms free. 
Kenzie wakes up about 730 or so, I let her hang out in bed til I'm ready to get her up lol. She will happily keep herself entertained til then. Get her up for the day, goes for a nap around 10-1030 when she starts fussing, sleeps for 2-3 hours, then goes down for another nap around 3 or 4 for a couple hours... then bed by 7pm for the night.  I feed her whenever she wants to be fed, too.  I thank my lucky stars that she is an awesome night sleeper (and day time sleeper!)....
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