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Thanks ladies! It's weird because it is almost a dry cough - very little congestion ... maybe I'm gearing up for it ... I will give everything a try though!!! Thanks :)
Hi all! Unfortunately I have come down with a terrible hacking cough that has kept me up at night for the past few nights. I've been coughing so much that my chest/throat/stomach muscles all hurt :( Does anyone have any natural remedies that I could try? Unfortunately I can NOT use honey because I am diabetic and it is way too sweet for me. All the natural remedies I've seen recommend honey and lemon! Help!!!   Thanks a lot in advance and hope everyone is doing...
So exciting to read everyone's gender reveals and stories! We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and they THINK it is a girl ... couldn't be sure! I have another u/s at 28 weeks so hopefully they can confirm one way or the other then ... with DS they were so sure right from 17 weeks that the uncertainty is hard for me ... but kind of fun :) ...   Has anyone ever been told they were having one sex to find out it was the other???  
Hi ladies, just to chime in here ... I am a Type 1 diabetic, so as some of you have noted, it is a very different situation. That said, the effects are the same: hyperglycemia potentially making the baby too big. That is the most well-known effect. What happens is that when you don't have sufficient insulin, or you have insulin-resistance, your blood glucose goes up. Baby automatically gets all this extra glucose, and because Baby's pancreas works just fine, it shoots...
ufff, I am STILL nauseous. it went away for like 3 days. HELP!!!  (I'm at 18 weeks today ...). hope everyone gets some relief soon!  
Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the recommendations, lenny1027!
Ooh, I'm definitely finding out ... I found that with my first pregnancy, knowing that it was a boy and deciding on the name early really helped me "bond" with him, talk to him in the womb, etc. I am looking forward to finding out! At first I really really wanted another boy, but now I think it might be a girl (it is a very different pregnancy so far, for whatever that's worth), and I've realized I'm okay with that too. I had an ultrasound this week (16 weeks) but it was...
Thanks for the recommendations, everyone!  
Stay positive Ladydi! and thanks for sharing your experience. GOod luck with the amnio, keep us posted!  
Seems like I'm the odd woman out here, but I actually LOVE it when people want to rub my belly! I feel like it means they are excited and happy and want to spread that special happy vibe to the baby, and get the baby's life-vibe right back at them. For me, it's one of those special things that you only get during pregnancy. Funnily enough, yesterday was the first day that someone asked me if I was pregnant, and just spontaneously reached out and rubbed my belly, and I...
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