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Actually that's a popular misconception. Most Finnish children already have some literacy skills before attending school and the Finnish language is a relatively straightforward language and not as complicated like English.
Mechwarrior is great but at first I hated it at first. Took me a while to warm up to the gameplay. Playing with a team definitely helps as opposed to just a pick up group - they help you figure out all the tricky stuff. You can find people to play with on Teamspeak. There is a sticky thread somewhere on the MWO forums about teamspeak groups. Halo was very addictive. I'm glad they came out with the newer games because otherwise I would have never stopped playing. I LOVED...
Scholarships help too. In music or academics.
Try Bubhub which is an australian baby forum. Maybe you might find more like minded people somewhere in there. (hopefully). Otherwise, I'm so sorry! That sounds so isolating and depressing. Goodluck maybe you will move to a more AP friendly area in the future. =)
Praising their effort as opposed to their intelligence is supposed to be one way. I think persistence is just a habit like any other though. I think success in learning is enjoying it. You are more likely to persevere if you enjoy something.
DP and I are playing mechwarrior online atm. I want to get into planetside 2 but I'm not sure I'll like it.   Otherwise I love FPS but not the overly twitchy ones I really don't like RPG. I can't get into them. I keep trying but it never clicks. My siblings are addicted to the halo games on the xbox.
Is it possible to invite mother to babysit DD at your own house? That avoids MIL inviting herself over hopefully. That sounds like such a hard situation to be in. I feel for your mom though. It sounds like she is trying really hard. GL
        Well I wasn't directly responding I just went on a tangent of my own. I never thought about it being embarrassing to go down the aisle because me and my mom argued in there about what we were buying this month all the time and it wasn't really something that was very private in our house either. I think going to an all girls school helped with this too (everyone loved to complain that they couldn't do sport because they had there period) so its a little bit tricky...
The video on the website made my heart break. Its so wonderful that there are programmes like this out there. If I ever get the chance I would love to participate. Thank you so much for sharing. Your blog post on this was also very interesting and heart-warming.
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