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Hello there,   My name is Jenn and I'm a new mum to 3 month old Evening.  I am practicing AP, I cloth diaper and we're trying to start natural infant hygiene.  We live in a tiny town far from where I grew up and it seems everyone here thinks I'm a little nuts when I walk around with Evening in her carrier "oh dear, don't you have a stroller?  You can find second hand ones you know" I hear several times a day (sigh).  So we're pretty much on our own here, I suppose....
"Please believe me that you can fully appreciate your amazing fortune of becoming a mother and still quietly feel the confusion and loss and sadness surrounding how your baby was born.  They are not one in the same.    They. Are. Not. One. In. The. Same."   These are the truest words I've ever read, and I thank you for writing them.  I had an unplanned c-section that terrified me, but as a mama I am the happiest version of myself I have ever been and I have never been...
thank you so much for posting this.  I needed a c-section three months ago with my first baby and it was so terrible - I will try VBAC with my next baby but if it doesn't work out I'm happy to know that the experience needn't be so bad.   
I have liked Intimina on facebook.   My healthy habit to share is to have a laugh before even getting out of bed in the morning; it makes a world of difference.  
I'm so glad to have stumbled onto this today!  My daughter, Evening, is 3 months old and I decided to start EC three days ago.  We were/are cloth diapering because I hadn't heard of EC until a few weeks ago.  She usually grunts before everything (including burps) so I have been able to catch most of her pees and poops the past few days...and accidentally burp her on the potty too (blush, blush).    Then today everything just went wrong, I am feeling so out of sync...
I used tiny gdiapers which never leaked and looked so cute on my daughter Evening.  She was 8lbs and they lasted us about a month and a half before she was fitting into her other AIO's  
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