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I have had a very similar experience with my son (28 months old). It is so frustrating and upsetting. My son threw a toy at his grandparent's house and my father-in-law yelled at him and stomped out of the room. It's at the point now where some days are better than others but I honestly am starting to think it has a lot to do with temperament (some kids seem to be more spirited and persistent than others). I find putting all the blocks or dinky cars or whatever it was that...
I definitely think this is extremely inappropriate behaviour. Kids should feel safe at school. I would speak with the teacher asap. Makes me so sad to think of this! Good luck.
thanks! I really like the North American Bear Company Cheeks one.
hi! I have a lovely one year old boy who only received trucks for his birthday and I really would like to get him a doll. He is very affectionate and has lots of love to give and I am expecting another baby in 8 months. I would like to get a soft doll which he can cuddle with but also one that looks fairly realistic so we can prep for the sibling. Does anyone know of a great doll?
this looks like a pretty comprehensive way to do it. http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/pest-control/how-to-get-rid-of-fleas/ I think you need to ensure the water is actually steam....maybe rent a steamer? Is it possible your cabin has mice and they are carrying the fleas? Maybe you should let the cats inside for awhile, they can kill the mice and the fleas remaining (post steam and mice) will hop on the cats and the revolution will kill them? good luck.
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