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On Aug 2nd, at night, my soon to be 3 year old DD said, "I am glad that Hunter's going to be born today." I woke the next morning at 8:30 with light labour pains. I had them all day. Around 1:00, I called friends of ours to see if the girls could spend the night because I realized that they might get freaked out by me being in pain. They went off to spend the night around 3pm. Our friends were shocked that I was laughing and walking around. At 5pm, it got...
Late post, but here goes: Aug 3rd 6:35pm 2 pushes 9Lbs 21 1/2in long Hunter Arav Bayle McBride Full head of black hair U/C delivered by the best DH/Daddy!
I have had 2 episiotomies and I wish I hadn't. The first one, I didn't have my birth plan at the hospital (DUMB, but I also had the stress of my parents there...total craziness!). The CNMs basically threw what I wanted for a birth out the window because they were frustrated with a first time mom, who was probably a PITA for them. ;-) The 2nd time, it was in my plan that my OB had the whole freakin' time. But I also asked for him not to break my water and he suggested...
I agree with all the PPs that you are going to have to just tell her. It stinks to think about but what would stink worse would be the stress of having her there. And have DH do it. It's his mom. My dad was at the birth of my first DD... holding my leg while I was pushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is the same man who wouldn't let us walk around our underwear as children or let me have a bikini.) I, too, was too mortified to even tell him to get the heck outta there. It...
I just got my birth kit last week! It's so much fun! I am ready to go whenever this baby gets here via midwife or DH! I totally know the excitement of having the kit here & ready.
I am due on the 11th, but as long as the baby waits until next week, I am happy. Then, s/he can come at any point. I'd rather be going home NOT pg than still pg at the end of July!
I am laughing right now at the comments of staying up until exhausted because mommies can't sleep anyway... because it's 1:00am and that's what I am doing! I am sitting here knitting and scanning messages because lying down is miserable! Although, I end up napping during the middle of the day, which isn't easy with two little ones running around a hotel room! Water is lovely right now. We are at the beach (my husband is singing down in FL for 2 months) and I just sit...
Aurelia is beautiful. Josephine is my MIL's name... which is a good thing. I adore her. She goes by that and "Josie."
You be careful with all that moving! I know what you mean about the baby being on to you, though. My Braxton-Hicks have gotten stronger in the last 3 days. Good luck with all of it!
I have to laugh because I am nowhere near home and people are asking if I am having twins and when I think I am delivering! They almost pass out when I tell them that it's fine if I have the baby in PCB and not Alpharetta! I feel your pain totally and hope to get to meet you soon when everyone slows down! Hugs~ Lisa
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