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I'll be happy to explain how my mind works! You specifically said - and repeated - that it wasn't the content of the word that bothered you. You have no problem with the body parts in question, no history of thinking about them as shameful and that certainly wasn't something you were passing on to your daughter.The problem as you stated it was with the sound of the word itself. It's harshness or "heaviness." And since you were so adamant that it was the sounds itself, not...
Originally Posted by zinemamaOk, I finally get what you mean by heavy (I think a lot of confusion could have been avoided if you'd clarified that this was what you meant from the get-go. You probably thought you did, but clearly people did not understand what you meant. I certainly didn't.So, this is a fascinating approach to parenting that I have never encountered. You're actively choosing not to use certain words because they are not melodious. I'm really curious what...
I was looking for an internet community. I joined in 2002 because my other motherhood-related forums - hipmama and Mamatron - shut down. MDC had a reputation in those forums as being composed of Bible-thumpers, mean, ultra-judgmental lactivists, submissive wives, and "I can out-crunch you" types. I avoided it. When I joined, I saw that there was more to it than that. I enjoyed the debate, especially over politics and current events. I saw that there were a lot of...
So, by "heavy" you're not referring to the actual meaning of the word but the sound of it? Do you mean that it sounds abrasive to you? Not soft and flowing? Sort of like "lalala" sounds melodious and "akakakak" has a harder sound? Is that what you mean?
I still don't get what the OP means by "heavy." Are we talking about the sound of the word? Or what?
I'm going to disagree with the pp. Yes, it's true that there is very little you can do at this point. But I think it's quite possible that your baby will get chickenpox. I had a 3yo with CP and an exclusively bf 7mo. The baby caught it (he was fine). I had it as an infant, myself. I'd check in with your doc, though.
I don't want the dentist to have her baby there while she's drilling my teeth, or the electrician slinging a baby around while he's rewiring my house. I don't want my doctor distracted by a baby while she's consulting with me about my symptoms. And if I'm paying someone several thousand dollars to attend my birth, I definitely want her focused on me and my care, not on her baby, not even peripherally. She can woman up and get a babysitter the way the rest of us do when we...
Oh, it did far more than that. The internet is a big place, remember?
Earlham College. A small, liberal arts, Quaker school in Indiana. I got a stellar education there, from teachers who put teaching first.
That would worry me. What does your pediatrican say?
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