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Chica - congrats on the move - can't wait to hear how that all goes! Such a bummer about your laptop though, grr!
HI ladies! I finally posted my birth story in another thread. I've been able to move forward with my doctoral work, and wanted to be sure I finished writing my story before I complicated it with hearing everyone else's stories, lol.  It's LONG, especially for such a short birth, but I love to write.   Talysen is so wonderful - he is almost always content & happy. He has the funniest 'man burps' though - he rarely burps like a baby & instead sounds like a full grown...
Talysen Jacob Schwartz December 13, 2012 2:45 am   I love birth stories. So much so that I decided, in 2008, to turn them into a doctoral dissertation. I can read birth stories for hours. I love the details, I love the emotion, and I love those moments that change a woman forever.   For that reason, it is hard for me to know where to begin in writing my own story. For simplicity’s sake, I will preface the story with two things.   First, I had been having...
kel - glad to hear your DP will probably get to stay home! That has got to be a huge relief. Talysen is a piglet, too, in fact that has been the primary nickname for him, lol. He's doing it in my lap right now... my bleeding was similar to what you are describing after about the first 4-5 days. so it doesnt seem weird to me at all!
hotsauce - I am so grateful that you were able to have a positive experience, and that you are both doing well. Yes, birth transforms us. I would love it if you would fill out my birth survey - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/spiritualbirth - not many people report highly positive experiences of surgical birth.   Much love to you!
Wonderful pictures! Congrats!
Congrats, Jakie! Welcome to your little guy!
Congrats, Jakie! Welcome to your little guy!
I think a monthly thread is a great idea :)   kel - so sorry you are dealing with stressful circumstances - or potential circumstances, anyway. Dh went through a crap-load of driver's license related stuff, and was threatened with jail time, too - he ended up just needing to get an SR22 which is expensive, but at least he didn't have to leave us! Hopefully you will have a similarly good outcome. Oh, and my unsolicited advice? Keep Pepper in the sling, and just...
Milk & Baby has some nice stuff:   www.milknursingwear.com   I got a few things on clearance from them awhile back, 2 shirts & a sundress. I spent about $75 on the three items.
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