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subbing! will be back in major need of support!
I think it definetly depends on the kids and the situation but my dd with SPD was just over 3 when when ds was born and her behavior changed for the better. She suddenly had a focus and helped with the baby, held him and became very patient about waiting until I was done nursing before I could do x,y.z with her. DS is a very laid back baby so that helps but he has truly been a balance to our house for everyone.
I could have written a similar post when dd was 2, things improved a lot once she was able to communicate better with speech. Reading OUt-of Sync child really helped me realize that my dd was high needs because she actually has a disorder and now we are taking steps to help her, OT, sensory diet, etc. Its a long road, for sure and takes ALOT of patience. Hang in there Mama, sounds like you are a very stable person for her.
Have had a really long week and haven't had a chance to read the whole thread, but I am still here and its been a little rough. More later, but ernalala, interesting what you said about the bathroom because that is dd, although now she doesn't haven't to take off everything, she does go multiple times anytime there is a transition happening, for instance when we arrive or leave somewhere she will usually "have" to go to bathroom 2 or 3 times. I am starting to have some...
wow mama, I just can't imagine. I'm really sorry. Please vent here whenever you need to.
I hear you. I"m almost positive my dd has some spectrum of SPD and I'm pretty sure so does dh. Yes, it is hard. Somedays I want to tear my hair out. I keep showing dh how alike he is to our daughter but he has a hard time seeing what is so obvious to me. sigh.
wow, its so good to hear from all of you. I think dd would fit right in LOL. I wish I knew how to keep her in OT, we've backed off for now as I try to figure out how to push it again. She is very attached to her older brother and I think I might be able to get her there if he can come, but this seems like an odd thing to ask for . Also I don't feel that the therapist is that knoweledgable about kids with spd. What was OT like for your kids? As for hygiene, I do...
One of our biggest challenges is getting dd to wear different clothes. She wore one dress (sans underwear and socks) for 2 months. She tried to change clothes at numerous times and someitmes I think wants to find something else but it ends in anxietyh and frustration. She did finally change dresses, 2 infact in one week which is HUGE for us but now she is "stuck" again on a certain one. No pjs, sleeps naked at night. I am trying to get her to wear tights because it is...
I'm pretty sure my 4 year old has SPD. I've read out-of-sync child and she seems to move between sensory seeking and tactile devensivness, also some auditory processing issues, has trouble in crowds, does not like touchh unless she initiates, doesn't like to make eye contact in public, lots of tantrums. She recently started OT and waldorf kindergarten (with me staying the whole time), and seemed to love it at first but after a couple weeks now refuses to go and starts to...
I see it this way. there are so few years in your life that you can get away with running naked at the beach and it is a great feeling (if any of you can remember it) I want my kids to be able to do that for as long as they are comfortable. That being said, we don't usually go to crowded beaches and I am always close by.
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