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They look swollen to me, yes. I wonder if this site would be helpful--I skimmed it and think it looks like it might be. http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/wiki/doku.php?id=lymphedema_in_children
Actually, I think you need an immune system work up (IgA levels, IgG) You may be dealing with a deficiency. Even if you're not, you may find he's low. We work on that here (low IgA, low bands of IgG). I'm glad he had a sweat test. Metametrix comprehensive stool is the best thing I've had done to find out why stools were a mess here. The pediatricians ran tests but coudln't figure it out. Metametrix named the bacteria and even tested it for resistance so his doctor would...
This is reflux type spitting up or vomiting?
Oh dear! I can't think of any product to put on people. I think you're going to have to look at mechanical means to rid them from the house. I'd do soapy water/warm light methods to trap them, Diatomaceous Earth in carpets, vacuuming frequently (you have to get rid of the bag each time though....), etc. You have to keep going because new ones will hatch out of eggs even if you've trapped the adults. They lay 100's of eggs.
I don't think this will probably help much at all, but we had problems having kids and had them after lots of individual and couple time went by. The truth is I'm not at all the same person I was back then. Neither is he. I don't know how old you are, but I suspect most people aren't at 40 what they were at 30. I imagine kids change all kinds of things for everyone. And, from my perspective, that has some drawbacks. My husband and I were so in that pre-kid life, that the...
I'm sorry to know about your mother and so glad they caught it early. Is your mother young? I certainly hope you don't carry the gene. Many, many hugs.
What was the name of the lab that did the test? Did you get a copy of the results (these are something you have a right to have if not). The digestive tests we've had were stool, not urine. Also, I'm suspicious in that the lab contradicts what you know (ie varied diet, vitamin C intake, etc). I'm also suspicous in that she wants you to buy her enzymes. You can get high quality enzymes online. My Integrative Med doctor sells some, though I could get them online too, but he...
Well, my son carries c. diff post hospitalization, so we use "big guns" all the time. He takes two Florastor and two Culturelle daily. We've been doing probiotics since my kids were a year old, and before that we did probiotic foods. So I can't really say I've seen response one way or the other. They've "always" had them. That said, there is plenty of research showing measurable benefit of various probiotic strains. What you use matters though. Basically you want to use a...
What GI tests were done? Did they scope her at all? I'm not sure what a mid-GI is? But my son had endoscopy younger than her (to rule out Eosinophilic disorders, biopsy for celiac, a number of things). My initial thoughts in reading were Eosinophilic disease or celiac. Either of those could cause those symptoms. I'm sure there are other things too, but you need a very good pediatric GI in my opinion.
Babies have developing nervous systems and, so, can do weird things that mean nothing. But they can also have seizures, of course. You would want treatment if he's seizing. I would make an appt. and keep a video camera handy. If you could happen to catch it on video (which would be hard, I'm sure), it would help the doctor know whether this is concern.
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