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Well, I'm not waiting, but I wanted to show some support. Hang in there! As for one thing I wish I'd done... Bought herbs for a postpartum bath with my baby. I wanted to do that SO bad. My mom said she'd order some for me, but they were out of stock. I should have immediately ordered some myself, but I thought I might find some in a store. I never did, and I wanted my baby's first bath to be an herb bath. It was too late by the time he was born . Anyway, that's probably...
What a wonderful story!! Congratulations! You did such a great job! Isn't it great to have your husband so involved?! My DH was very proud of himself that he helped catch, and he still seems more bonded to this baby. I love it!
Great job, and congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!
Thank you so much for all your sweet replies! Just to clarify, my husband was all for a homebirth, we just couldn't afford to pay for it. Hopefully we'll be in a better financial position next time!
I just wanted to add that Motrin and Advil are both brand names for ibuprofen- there's no reason not to go generic!
Awwww, congratulations!! Enjoy your precious baby!
Oh I'm so excited for you, arrus and jen!!!! I hope you both have wonderful births!!
Anilia- that's too funny. I totally understand, I had to see it spelled out before I figured it out . Unassisted pregnancy (UP) really threw me for a while.
Anilia- unassisted childbirth!
I just had my little boy on January 3rd. I wrote out his story and posted it in my due date club but thought I'd post it here, too! Here is my detailed birth story- hopefully not too detailed!! I was getting a bit anxious for my baby's arrival, and my due date confusion wasn't helping. I was technology free for this pregnancy, and due to breatfeeding and inconsistent cycles (and poor charting , I was either due around January 3rd or December 25th. I just went by the...
New Posts  All Forums: