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Not sure where else to post this. My daughters are 7.5, 6 and 2.5 y.o. My Husband and I separated almost a year ago.  I filed for divorce about 1.5 months ago and about 2 weeks ago I finally got through to my husband that I actually mean it.  He flew off the handle calling me all sorts of names (I'm a whore, and gold digger etc...) all of that was in front of the 2.5 year old who wouldn't leave my side that evening.  He then stormed into the house to inform the girls...
I like mothering on FB and here too!  
Alrighty I'm in.  But I think I'll need to wait until things are actually out the door (and out of the car) before I post them. I've got a medium sized box of books for Half price books and a big bag of clothes for goodwill ready to go, perhaps this will prompt me to actually take them instead of leaving them sitting by the door where they've been for the past month.
Thanks, I tend to be as much as a wallflower online as I am in real life.  I guess I'll have to go poke around a bit more and find a few things I'm comfortable commenting on.
One of my favorite memories from the birth of my second child is my daughter, 20 months', reaction.  She slept through most of the labor and woke a few minutes before I delivered.  Right after I delivered dd2, dd1 said in a voice so full of wonder it was heartbreaking "It's a baby."  She was never even slightly jealous of all the attention the baby got (even though she was so young) and I credit the fact that she saw where the baby came from, that the baby was a part of...
A few years ago when my Husband and I were having some major marital issues I found some really helpful information on a forum called Parents as Partners.  We're having issues again and I was hoping to find some more advice but I can't find it now.  Has it been replaced by something else?
I'm here in Indy too, I have some resources that I could share with you, plus Japanese language play dates. I'll PM you with my contact info. Katherine
Have you tried Yerba Mate? It has quite a bit of caffeine and is actually really good for you, lots of nutrients and antioxidants... . And very yummy with a bit of cream and honey. Mmmm. Good hot or iced. I also was brought to UC by an overly paranoid MW. I decided I just didn't need that vibe while I was birthing.
Hey, on a thread a while back there was someone who recommended a person who does Placenta Encapsulation here in Indianapolis. I can't find that thread again. I'm due next month and need to get in touch ASAP. Any suggestions? Thanks
I ate mine raw in little bitesize chunks that I dipped in sesame oil with minced garlic (as recommended by a friend's husband). Although I didn't enjoy the texture too much, it tasted delicious. My friend's husband probably got the idea of the dipping sauce from the fact that that's the way horse sashimi is served in Japan. (Raw horse is a delicacy.) I've tried both (horse and placenta sashimi) I preferred the placenta. Katherine
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