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from today!      
ahhh! he looks so happy! i love it.
aw, thank you! i was just saying last night that i have no clue if my baby is actually cute or if i'm just blinded by hormones. i always swore i'd be objective, but that went out the window and of course i think he's the cutest. ha! he kind of skipped the newborn looking phase...even the pediatrician was like, "i feel like i'm looking at a 5 week old" when he was only 1 week old.   i have a slight widow's peak, but my husband doesn't at all so our dude's hairline is...
nice work, everyone....so many cuties!!! i especially love the ones with tons of HAIR!   here's my little buddy getting his first bath yesterday at 17 days old:            
i've used the windi! it works! our dude had some rough gassy times as my milk came in and his guts were going from meconium to milk poops and the windi was a lifesaver on a couple of occasions.
                the last one is from yesterday. :)
rhona jen is a great name!!! congrats!!!
thanks everyone!!! he's an excellent meatball for sure!!  
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