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My daughter turned 1 yr. about 2 weeks ago. Today was going to be the big day where I switched her from formula to milk. I have been mixing a bit of milk in her formula for the past few days but she doesn't like it at all. So of course she hasn't drank any milk at all today and I don't know what to do. Today she has eaten fruit, vegetables, beans, mac & cheese, and granola. I'm just worried she will not get enough dairy. What should I do? How long does the "I hate milk"...
I have heard good things about Dr. Cassandra Dickerson in Sugar Land. 
I live in Katy :)
I need some help and advise! I have had quite a struggle getting my insurance company to cover a birth center. I really would like to go to Katy Birth Center but all they are willing to cover is North Houston Birth Center. I am hearing mixed reviews about this place. Some say its a good place to have a natural birth and others say there are too much medical procedures going on. Has anyone here had any experience with them? When I look at their website I don't see...
I'm 15 weeks and I am still feeling VERY tired and sluggish. Its hard for me to get up and do anything, and having a 1 year old doesn't make it an easier! My first pregnancy was a lot different than this one!
When I was still breastfeeding my daughter, it was schedule-free and I loved it. After giving birth in a hospital the nurses kept telling me to nurse every two hours for 30 min. I thought that was such BS. I breastfed baby anytime she was crying.. and guess what? She stopped crying! lol. I wouldn't BF any other way
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