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I "like" both Gaia Herbs and Mothering as my page, Plant~Spirit~Massage!
This would be a very timely gift in this house!
About Maya Abdominal Therapy: https://arvigotherapy.com/content/definition-and-history They have a practitioner search on their website. I would look for one that's had additional training in Pregnancy treatment. They've learned additional specifics on how to help fertility. XO!
I think Bonnie was right on about finding a more thorough pelvic floor PT.    I also think it would be worth it to revisit the Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapist you saw previously, or find another. If they've had additional training in pregnancy massage, they should be able to help take some of the pressure off your pelvic floor, teach you to do the massage yourself to keep it up, and if you go regularly, it can even help shorten your labor..!
New Posts  All Forums: