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Here's an alternative I've never considered. Four Afircan school students created a generator that runs on urine. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/urine-powered-generator-unveiled-international-exhibition-234718329.html How cool is that?
So I just started last week, but I'm doing a major purge of our home so I should have no trouble reaching 2012 by year's end. On Thursday, I bagged 41 items of clothing to donate. So that left 1971 items to go. Today, so far, in a purge of the playroom, I've eliminated 207 items, including books, toys to donate and trash ( mostly broken toys, filled coloring books, storage boxes). So that leaves 1754 items. I'm feeling lighter already. And the best part, is that I'm...
Thank you, If they'll work for you in Alaska, I guess they'd work for me. But isn't solar very expensive to set up? A gasoline generator can be had for under $1000. If I could do a solar set up for that that would keep us up and running during an outage (to a small degree) I'd go for it, but I think the investment would have to be a lot greater.
By alternative, I mean other than gasoline powered ones. Anyone have any good ideas, links, books etc. to figure out what sort of system might be practical to have on hand for power outages? I've looked a bit into solar, but the investment seems extreme from my limited understanding to just have as an emergency set up. Right now, we have a geo thermal heating and cooling system but without power, of course this wouldn't work. We may install some sort of wood burning...
I'm kind of new here and just discovered this thread today. There are 66 days left this year, so if I get rid of 31 items (30.4 to be exact) everyday, I could still do this. My house really needs this, so I think I'll go for it! What a great motivator. I've been getting rid of stuff all year here and there, but I like the idea of having a goal number.
Some things I've been pursuing since becoming a mom... Speaking Italian Drawing Vegetable gardening & fruit & berry trees/vines/bushes Piano Studying history and politics Canning and preserving Cooking
I like these recipes. http://enlightenedcooking.blogspot.ca/2008/02/home-made-lara-bars-energy-bars-part-3.html
So dd loves science and wants me to do more science study and experimentation with her. We own tons of science books and experiments books and boxes of science materials from a curriculum company, but when I tell her to go ahead and play with that stuff on her own, she doesn't. She says she wants me to do it with her, but when I do, it really seems like she wants me to do the work FOR her. And her idea of doing science is making bubble gum rather than simple machines or...
Forgot to mention one more thing. I read your concern that your kid might not be nice to your dogs, but exactly because he or she is being raised by you, in a home filled with dogs and dog activity and dog love, the child will likely be a natural with dogs and with some gentle guidance from you will love them as much as you do. The old expression children learn what they live is true.
Hi and welcome to the board. I have an admission to make. I felt the very same way about getting a dog. I am a natural baby whisperer type person, but when it comes to dogs, I'm clueless and overwhelmed. Having said that, my whole family had been begging for a dog for years and so last year, I caved and after very careful research ended up with the an f1b goldendoodle girl. Oh, she was cute enough in the puppy stage, but she peed on the floor and I didn't have a clue how...
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