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I like both Mothering and Bella Luna Toys.  I've entered the contest too.   Thanks!
I like Mothering and Luna Bella Toys on Facebook and right here too!  : )  I've entered the contest by the way.   Thanks! Jyotsna
Thank you mama's again for your thoughts.  I am fine now, and while I haven't sat the kids down to talk about it, I will do it.  We have moved all of our things into our house and will move in sometime this coming week.  Once the house is set, I can sit with them for a while and talk.  It will be good.
It has been six years since my children have been transitioning.  Up until two years ago, transition night was horrible.  All of their expectations that fell to deaf ears at their dad's house were expressed at me, and my son was especially out of control, raging, refusing to sleep at bedtime ect.  It's so hard on the kids, and especially if the father or mother are passing messages back and forth, or making rude comments about the other parent...the kids are feeling...
Spoke to the cashier at the bank and she told me she would be able to extrapolate the money from my debit card and make a "check" of some type, but said some fee's may apply.  She doesn't know how much either.  It's too late to have a direct deposit for the cs this month, but hopefully next month I can have it done.    Any advice on utilities?  When I moved out of the old house, my utilities were on the verge of being cut off. I haven't had the money to pay till...
I can't answer your questions, and I have questions of my own.  If anyone knows, what is the highest amount of food stamps one can get (family of four).  Normally I have about 10 days that are not covered by f/s, but now it's turning into the $400 monthly is not not enough to cover even a half a month.  I have a very hungry teen, who is eating so much I'm not getting to eat that much.
Child support  comes on a debit card each month and this month I needed to pay rent from both that and what was in my account.  I had to do an automatic transfer just outside the bank and needed all the $520, but ended up having to withdrawl only $400 at a time, so that was first the $400, then they took a fee of $3.00 and then $100, and then another fee for $3.00 and I needed the $20 but by then only had $14 left, but could not take out anything lower than a $20.    It...
Thank you YG.  It's been like this for 6 years (the time since x and I have been divorced).  Sometimes it bubbles over and out.
Mike, I have read through several of your articles tonight, and the focus seems to be that the parent affected with PAS would more likely be the father.  Although you didn't state that clearly, your words create that belief.   In the case of myself and my children's father, he is the "weekend" parent, and during the weekends he has the children, he either denies the children and I telephone contact, or he abruptly hangs up the phone, or forces (verbally I can hear...
I'd love to know all about coupon clippers, all the details.  I was shocked to see how much food a person could buy, and toilet paper, for practically nothing.  What does it cost, and do you really need to get multiple copies of newspapers on Sunday?   Great topic.
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