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Oh, and his knee is still oozing. it's got the crystalization of the oozing blood and pus, so it's really shiny and stinky. We will see the doctor tomarrow morning if it isn't better. Will asked the dr to question. Thanks for your thoughts.
His story is that he was at a Halloween party (with teens) and he tripped over a branch. Like somone suggested, it could actually be what happened. But with the added bruises on his nose, and the nose being slightly swollen, with a blue mark on the top of his nose, I'm a little concerned.
No chance that he got drunk. It was a church youth group party with adults in attendance, and his father doesn't drink alcohol.
My son has a bruise on either side on his nose, where his glasses pads rest. His nose is swollen slightly, and he has a cut in his pants, and a cut on his knee. This is how I found him yesterday. He says he got the cut on his knee at a party on Saturday night. No one at the party dressed his cut (it was big enough to bleed all over his pants, and it requires a large pad to cover it. His father poured alcohol over it and put a bandage on it. When my son got home with...
If your husband has a record, this will only increase the possibility of you getting your daughter. On the other hand, if he had a record when she was a baby, and you gave her over to him anyway, both of you could be a risk. Wonder if the girlfriend would be willing to arrange a meeting between you and your daughter? Otherwise, I would move towards the CPS route.
Just wanted to let you all know that Dd refused this weekend visit with her father. I had no idea she was going to do that, so it was a great surprise to see her in action, refusing to go. Her father said I should have told her to go with him, that I am a bad mother for not insisting that she go with him. Then after berating her and threatening her, he told her that he was going to disown her if she didn't go with him. It was very dramatic, and I am so tired...
K, Since you moved to the state to facilitate visitation (and had you been seeing her regularly?) and he left the state without contacting you, and you are still married to her father, then you have the right to both see your daughter and take her for visitation. If you did drugs or alcohol, then show proof that you have come clean, have personal references. Otherwise, i would do as others have pointed out...go and get your girl! I can't imagine how scared she...
He's on a slippery slope and he has NO case. Sorry for O, but happy that he doesn't have as much input as my kids father.
Great advice Lilyka!
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