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It is very hard to make a change when you are in a domestic abuse situation, or with someone who is addicted. You have become dependent on him and now you are co-dependent too . But you have an unborn child who is needing you to make the change. Get the help. You are afraid. I remember being dependent on an abusive man, and when he chose to stop me from having money or food, I was terrified. I know leaving (even if you are already seperated) is very hard. But...
Love all these ideas...please please keep it coming. I'm writing a list, checking it twice! Of course my list is full of free things we can do while at home, but I really want to make the holidays fun for the kids. Anyone have a great lawyer so I can get my kids home for all the holidays this year? : ) I don't see them from about the 20th till the 25th.
I looked at Zappos (dot) com and it has one of every wool clog there is. I saw the Keen wool clog but wondered the same...they are like $53.00 aren't they? Love all the responses. Thanks.
I'm looking for wool clogs, and so far have not found any that are void of leather. One pair at LL Bean has leather on it. I'm looking for a pure wool clog. Can you share where you buy yours? Thanks!
Provacativa: I have Reynauds too. I do have a wool blanket under my sheet. The room is really cold. Really cold. I'd be interested in trying lemon and orange peel. I'll research it.
How about: "I found a chicken bone in my coke can. Should I try to sue?"
Thank you for posting this. I'm interested in more "modern" stockpiling sites as well.
Zebra - I hope the new apartment works out for you. I know what it is like to have a crazy rm. It happened to me once, and she was throwing spagetti at me, instead of cleaning it up, because I asked her once, to please clean up the spagetti from 3 days before. I was dodging spagetti, ran into my room and shut the door about 2 seconds too late, and some of it landed on my bed and wall. I had alot of scrubbing to do before I left that apartment, even though she should...
No, she is 10. Yes she is strong, but now that she went back, she is scared to do it again. I don't know what he said to her, she isn't saying.
It seems that this was intentional, and that since her dad and myself and all the scouts were only a few hundred feet away, but not able to see her because she was in the car on an elevated parking lot, near the main street, that even though the age is 7 here, that they may consider this out of line, especially considering the control that he forces over her, not allowing her to decide to get out on her own when she wondered why it was taking so long. She was afraid he...
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