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Concerns for certification are real and justified.  Do as much research as you can...   http://birthanarchy.com/whose-team-whose-values#!
This bit of information is not about medication, however, it does have an interesting discussion as to how fluids (IV), during labor, influence a skewed weight loss in the newborn resulting in supplementation.   http://www.drjen4kids.com/soap%20box/newbornweight.htm   This is a great read by Dr. Sarah J. Buckley.  It is my conclusion, when any type of substance is entering mom's blood vein, the substance dilutes the healthy function of hormones including, but not limited...
Well this thought can't go without saying...   I wish we all knew how medications, used in labor and birth, influenced our milk supplies. 
Eeeeeek, sorry this happened.  Here is a link that may soften the fear and offer you tips to have a tad more control over the situation.  As a childbirth educator comments from my student really help me as to how I present information.  Please consider telling your teacher how you feel before too much time passes.  http://www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ClickedLink=262&ck=10191&area=27
I wish someone told me it was okay if my bag of waters broke before contractions began and what was normal about it and the signs of infection.  This would have given me more choices about when I had to go to my birth place.   I wish someone told me how to prepare for the car ride, while in labor, to my birth place.   I wish someone told me more about babies being okay if they sleep for hours and hours after birth without nursing.   I wish someone taught me...
The Mother's Advocate pdf are great too.
My mother put a nail hardener on mine.  One drop on each wart...now and then.  In a week they fell out and off.  A small crater was left but healed.  Never had them again.  She told me that the hardener suffocated them.
Personal experiences will indicate differences; isn't that the bottom line, how we are able to apply what we learn?  In the Lamaze class that I took I learned a "little demerol" never hurt anyone; Bradley taught me how to discern the concept..."when the benifits outweigh the risks".  Lamaze taught me how to focus on the crack in the wall or anything in the room for that matter...a skill I never mastered by the way; Bradley taught me "mind to body" and to keep my eyes...
Amanda, I agree with Cindy.  By contacting Cindy perhaps the two of you could shop for your next provider that promotes a vaginal birth after a c-section. 
Glad to hear it.  I hope you enjoy the training.  Call some of the teachers in your area and introduce yourself.  Hopefully some of the affiliated teachers will attend the district teacher luncheon and speak at the training.  The luncheon is held during the teacher training for currently affiliated teachers in the state.  I attended the luncheon here yesterday and met some very energetic women; I am looking forward to getting to know them better.  You can surely email me...
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