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You can make your own microwave popcorn by just putting popcorn (very cheap in a lb bag, like less than $2) in a paper bag . Put about 1/4 cup in the bag, fold over the end, microwave, and enjoy.
We used NW, the dr just had to sign off that my wife was under a dr's care. They will ship to your home. We did have 1 tank arrive thawed. Good luck.
Hi, My wife is due in March, so we are starting to think about 2nd parent adoption. Has anyone done one in PA? We used a known donor, so I am guessing that will add another legal step. Thanks.
For food stamps, medical, and cash his income counts because he is the father. To not include his info and his biological relationship to the child leaves you open to being charged with welfare fraud.
We live in central PA and our KD lives in northern AL. Thanks everyone.
Hi all, My wife and I are going to ask my bro to be a KD after months of trying with sperm bank. I have seem stuff on other threads about sperm shipping, but I am looking for the most up to date info possible. How did you ship sperm? Did you like the company you used? How much did it cost to ship? Thanks for your help.
They emailed us back, next month is free and they will make sure we get the donor we were using (there wasn't much left of his ICI, so we were a little worried abou that).
We emailed them when we opened it, but it is was the weekend so we figure today would be the soonest we would hear from them (unless they are closed for the holiday). It just suck, we only have the $ for a few more tries.
We have been trying to get preg for the last yr and this month we picked up our tank on Thursday. Tonight we opened it to do an insemination and it wasn't cold at all. It is so irritating to spend money, time, and emotional energy to lose a month.
In some states WIC is run by a different agency, so even if you applied for everything at the welfare office you weren't necessarily applying for WIC. I am a caseworker for the welfare office in PA and we don't administer WIC.
New Posts  All Forums: