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What's Texas like? I know it's super big so it's probably too big to describe, but we are trying to find a place more affordable, family friendly, parents who are of similar age, etc. I am a SAHM & DH a professional. We are religious, I am somewhat crunchy (obviously, I am here) and we just want a better environment for our kids to grow up in.
Thanks for the response. Luckily it was only one go round of vomiting, she slept, and then was her usual hungry self.....but boy it was scary. thanks for the advice!
Last night was dd's first immunization. It was DTaP. She was fine with it, however this afternoon, she vomited (I mean vomited) everywhere. I have never seen a baby puke so much. Do you know if this is a reaction to be concerned about. At this time she is refusing to eat, it has been a couple hours, and is somewhat lethargic, although still smiles occasionally. I am waiting for the doc to call me back    ETA: She is 6.5 mos
So we just opened our first batch of homemade kraut. Dh made it in a bowl, weighted with another bowl, with a cloth over the top. We decided to put it in the fridge today. Unfortunately, I come from a "everything comes to you premade" background and I am scared it might have grown some bacteria. How can I tell?   It does smell rotty, but all kraut has a somewhat rotty smell to me 
Ya know, "Caveman Diet" Have any of you tried and seen positive results?  It has been referenced everywhere, and I am beginning to hear firsthand accounts of people curing their ailments.    What are your opinions about it? Do you think there are pitfalls?  (Like no oatmeal for breakfast!!!! )   And if you do follow paleo guidelines, how do you make it kid friendly? 
I just joined on Monday. My week has been okay so far. How is it going for everyone else?
Hello California mamas, Can you tell me what it is like to live in Napa? Our family is considering relocating there, but have no clue as to what areas are good for living in. It doesn't seem to big of a place, so is there anywhere to avoid? How about schools, parks, etc. I noticed there was a WholeFoods. Are there any good independent natural grocers? What about docs who accept non vaxxed kiddos? Thanks!
Wow, sort of shocked no one has had any experience with this. I came on here to read up on this very issue because it seems as though I might have some issues here as well. What has happened for you in the months past? Hope you are better now.
hi everyone, switching to cloth over here. I needed to give myself a few weeks (which turned into 2 months) of adjustment before the laundry fiasco.   so what are you using? what are you liking? what's easiest for you? I just want simple, and not a whole bunch of clutter.
Hi y'all! Hope the babies are well. I have one of those dh's too that needs a real shove to do any sort of washing and folding. Although, he would stay up all night rockin a baby if I was acting crazy so I can't complain to much. Luckily there hasn't been too many days like that yet. We are coming up on 8 weeks already! How did that happen? Crazy! Still trying to get a Routine down, but are so far unlucky. This kiddo is so unpredictable. My big girl is doing better. Thank...
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