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LOL! Totally!!   Good luck at your appt tomorrow Lily!
Hi mamas, Guess I am the first on MDC today.  How is everyone doing?    Ithappened, thinking of you, hoping the babies are thriving and you are healing!    Intime, haven't heard from you in a while. Hoping that means you are all in awesome newborn bliss with your baby boy.   I will be 37 weeks on Thursday! 37 weeks! Can't even believe it. It is also my dd's 2nd birthday party on Saturday and I am just beside myself with excitement. I can't believe how...
This is our plan as well
Shucks penny! However, when I immediately saw that you were in High altitude I was thinking this was probably a contributing factor. Hopefully  some rest, lots of protein, and home will bring it down.  Thinking of you mama!
Mine is the 17th, apparently I forgot to do this 
Pupps is awful! I have a mild case of it right now. I had it with my previous pregnancy as well. Get yourself some Grandpa's pine tar soap STAT, it really stinks but feels fantastic. Also, I take Sam-e, and it is supposed to help the liver detox. That's what has worked for me. Oh, and try as hard as you can not to itch it like crazy (if it is pupps) because it spreads quickly.    Hope it is just the regular old pregnancy itches though 
Thanks for the update mama! So happy your milk came in. Do the twins cuddle? I can't wait to hear about your experience and the differences between one babe and two. Glad you are feeling good. Enjoy your stay in the hospital! Hope you're getting some rest:joy
Lizbiz! So happy your journey to the states was smooth! I bet that is such a relief for you all. LeAnn! Yay! For finding an apartment! So fun. What a fresh new start this baby is for you guys! What kind of car are you thinking about getting? Best wishes mamas!
No kidding. Totally impressed!! They are just gorgeous! And how awesome are twins!!!
help! I am 36 weeks pregnant and losing all desire to be anywhere near the kitchen. We don't have a whole lot of money to spend out so I need some meals that I can make super quick.  We have no dietary restrictions although I try not to eat or make food with a lot of fats.  do you have suggestions? recipes? thank you!!
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