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Yes,have had a lot of this. I thought it was anxiety, but i am sure it is a combo of a lot of stuff. 
Haha, most definitely. 
me too! It's nuts! Can't wait to see those happy kiddos!   Lily, sounds like a good report nonetheless. Thank goodness baby is head down!
I definitely don't think it is crazy. Perhaps you will just find the right midwife for you. Good luck!
Oh hi! Good thing I noticed this.    1. Well, I am a stay at home mama, former teacher. I came from a small California suburb adjacent to farms and more farms. Met dh in college and we got married shortly after. Now, we are in the greater San Francisco area for his job. Super different from where I grew up, this crazy urban life, but an adventure nonetheless.    2. Craving? Hmmm. I guess a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich would really hit the spot right...
Hello everyone! Holy Smokes ItHappened! I seriously can't believe how fast the time has gone. Although I imagine you are pretty ready to get those babes out.  Praying for an easy, and blessed delivery. Can't wait to see pictures!   Veritas, do tell, what "stupid shows" have you been enjoying over the weekend? I am desperate for something new to watch. Sorry about DH's schedule  Hoping that something works out so he doesn't feel like he is missing out. Good news...
I don't really know. I definitely don't want it leaking. It will be over carpet. I guess just resisting water would be fine. 
Yup, just overwhelmed at what the heck kind of tarp to use under a la bassine. I don't want a stinky one. But maybe they all have a smell.  I also don't know what size. 
Gahhh, they are so heavy.  I have used the skip hop duo with dd, and while I really like it (still looks good even though it has extreme wear) it can get sooo heavy. I also don't really like the zillions of pockets.  I originally purchased it with the intention of it clipping onto the back of the stroller. Which is a great feature, however, I ended up wearing tiny dd a lot, and once she got bigger she was in and out of the stroller a lot, which meant that the weight...
Wow, thanks for the great info. Very informative. Nice that they have held up for you both.  So in other words, buying sized is a good idea. The only reason I wasn't wanting to buy sized ( I hate the bulk too) was financially.   Yes, the BG's never worked for my girl either. We were constantly stripping, leaking, etc. And the velcro is ick. I personally don't like picking out all the fuzzies at night.    Thanks for the info mamas.  
New Posts  All Forums: