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Good morning everyone! Felt like having some purple today!    justchanti: so happy you are finally getting settled. I bet that has helped tremendously in feeling prepared.   sol & it happened: seriously, I am envious of how close you mamas are to being done with pregnancy and onto the next stage.    midstreamama: why are people asking so much of you? I would totally be ranting too. How abnoxious!    sally: I literally laughed out loud when I read you had...
aww, joy, your Boston is sooo cute. Have only had Boston's my whole life. What are you wearing? It's super cute!
Interesting. I wonder why not to get on the toilet? Maybe because baby might drop and get hurt? Thanks for the info.
LOL. I just spit my tea out. For real sister. One or the other. God forbid both. Happy the babies are healthy. 
Um, ya, what an awesome Dh you have! Very cute!Mine has never minded the belly either, or the giant boobs for that matter.The biggest buzz kill in the bedroom during pg for me is cramps, or sciatic pain, haha.
Liz, such great and wonderful advice. Thanks for sharing.
lioness mom, hope that clears things up for you. havent heard of the clay.   definitely upping the intake of probiotics, live cultures, fermented foods around here.  probiotics 3-4 times a day vit c 3-4 times a day   if that doesn't work then I will begin an olive leaf extract. 
  most definitely wish I could bottle it up and keep it for postpartum. the nursing thing really fizzles the fun for me too. Maybe it is the lack of rest? 
Oh man, pregnancy has me head over heels for watermelon. Every.single. day. And avocados. Yum. Looking forward to tomatoes. 
Lol. So funny, even though it is sort of sad. I don't think I would do flu for any reason, even though I succumbed to H1N1 during my pregnancy because I was scared., I don't trust the influenza vax at all.So she will be home, with me, however we play a lot out at parks, activity zones, etc.And I will have a newborn in a few months.I guess my concern lies in her not getting tetanus, or shedding pertussis to newbie.Question about Prevnar, does that only protect dd or would...
New Posts  All Forums: