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Oh 1sttimemama! Hugs, and prayers too. I was just there. Ou have my sympathies. Well, our baby girl P was born Sunday afternoon after a strange & fierce labor. She is quite the little squishy at 8 lbs 15 oz. the Homebirth was awesome. She is such a good eater and sleeper, & we are finally home from the Nicu. Some of you might have noticed on the Facebook due date club that I mentioned we had to take her in for fluid on her lungs and some respiratory issues. Sigh, it was...
oooo, vv hope you get some rest! but also hope your baby is soon!!! blessings to you!   good to hear the update lily! sounds like you have awesome people surrounding you. what a great dh.    Hi Sol!!!!   LeAnn, thinking of you! Hope babykins (is her name Lucy? sooo cute) decides this is her weekend.   Hope mine does too, thanks for the kind thoughts y'all.
Yay!!! Big congrats Andaluza!!! So happy it was a good experience. Welcome baby boy!!!
sooo precious. eeee! Can't wait to see my baby too! Congrats redtree!
Yay! Thandiwe!!! Congratulations mama, he is beautiful. What an awesome name too! Welcome Henry!
Oh wow, congrats Thursday. What wonderful timing!   Penny, sounds like baby is prepping up! Forgot to mention that I was sorry the birth center got ruled out :-( However, glad you have a definitive plan now.   Oh, Lily, I only speak from experience with one, but I regret every minute she spent in a crib and I didn't cuddle her because that's what I thought I was supposed to do. Been there, it is hard to make choices based on our sole intuitions, but I do think it...
Oh, Andaluza. Hugs and love my friend.   "our babies are born at exactly the right place and time, otherwise there would be no order in the universe". Read this in a beautiful book the other day (Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful) Including when we are induced, deliver via c-section, etc.    Blessings to you all today mamas, and Andaluza, I hope you have peace this evening with your induction. You will be meeting your baby soon mama!
woops!! I have been pacing the August 13th weekly thread wondering why no one was posting.  Then I remembered it was a new week.    Welcome to all of the new babies, including Ferals, who I think she said came today! Welcome baby girl!    Well, I have been trying to keep busy, but after all of the "pretend" start and stops of last week, we all (as in dh, mum, everyone else in the whole world) claimed baby would come this weekend. But she/he didn't. I am only...
Hi Andaluza, I am eating another pineapple as we speak  And to be honest, I feel like I have canker sores popping up all over the place because of how acidic it is. This is my 4th! (Well, in a week)   And, technically via early ultrasound, my edd was last friday 8/17 but according to my LMP it was the 12th. Either way I was convinced I would be early. No such luck!  I have been having pre labor for over a week or two, and frankly, I am emotionally...
whose here with me? It's so weird to be sitting around, just waiting. Sigh. I am pooped. (And actually who is sitting, I am eating pineapples, walking hills, etc.)
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