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Montgomery! So cute! Welcome baby boy!
And it just might. Hugs. Sorry you are torn. Hoping your baby comes on its own, or you find some peace with this decision. Hugs to your mom too. Hopefully the joy of a new grandbaby will lift her spirits and heal her quickly.   Boots! Mama, that is rough. I had a very similar postpartum experience and my heart really goes out to you. Can I just address the jaundice? With Dove I didn't really know when to nurse, how to nurse, etc. I also was sore, pretty angry about my...
 What a fighter you are! Congratulations on your baby's safe arrival and your natural birth. Go mama go!
 Yikes mama, that stinks. Too bad ex pats have to pay...how crummy. Rant on, rant on.   But sending you positive birthing vibes and hopes that the cohosh does just the trick. And ya, there is still Castor Oil 
Awesome mama! Super happy for you that it was so fast. Hopefully you are catching up on your rest now. Hugs to you and Baby G. So cute!
I missed that too! Big congrats!!! Super exciting!!
Hi M, yes, we are doing placenta encaps. My midwives swear by it! Plus, I needed something the first time around and wished I would have done this. I love your thinking! Sapphire!! Totally agree, what a lucky birthstone! Keep up the positivity mama, it is infectious!   Interesting Joy! But, alas, public healthcare has got to be better then a 500-1000 dollar a month payment for insurance  Fingers crossed baby comes before Thursday, or that they have a bed for you....
OMG! So so cute Boots! Looks more like a babe then a newborn already!
Tizzy, sounds fabulous! So nice of you to report back for us about the days following birth. Sounds much more calm then my first experience (fingers crossed I get to experience "calm")   I am sorry I was so grumbly yesterday everyone.  Thank you for asking about my appt Sarah! Mw & I had a good long talk about fears/anxieties and I think it was just what I needed.  2 times now, I have actually been so happy baby isn't here yet. Last friday Dovie (my 2 yo) caught...
So wonderful....everyone looks beautiful!!!!! 
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