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Sally, thank you sooo much for that! What a fantastic read that brought me to tears about how it really feels.    Boots, hugs mama, you are probably so exhausted from the ups and downs (it's time, no it's not, it's time) hopefully the bloody show means sooner rather then later.   Ruby so sorry about the Y.I. Grrr. Our bodies have a way of making things hard on us sometimes. Hope the monistat helps. I wouldn't worry too much about it affecting baby since your...
Oh boots, hugs mama. That water thing is tricky! Get some good rest, baby will be here before you know it. Joy, thinking of you too. Last time, when I went "overdue" the weeks actually flew by. Mostly because after 40weeks, time seems to be so imminent. Lily, Hang in there mama! I totally understand feeling sad that nothing is happening. To be honest, I am feeling a little down too. Last time I was so adamant that I would have zero interferences to the natural process,...
Hooray! Welcome to all the new beautiful babies! Hope your recoveries are easy and blissful mamas!
Hooray! Welcome Oscar! So sweet Ninetales, thank you for sharing! Congrats mama!
Peaceful Seams, blessings for your upcoming induction. Fear of dying, manifesting into our dreams, is totally natural. Focus on the truths. Your doctor is skilled, especially with inductions. You are skilled at carrying/delivering a baby.   wishing you all the best mama.
Ninetales!!! Thinking of you and baby! Blessings on your delivery tonight!   What are these sharp cervical pains I have been getting in the night....could it be.....dilating!!!!  I really really hope so.   Sarah, I know what you mean, I am washing towels as we speak. Homebirth prep isn't really all that fun!
Oh, look at those squishy kissable cheeks! So cute! Ok, now I am just getting jealous! Eulalie is a super great name!
Hi everyone, Yes, super big congrats Lily! I bet it is amazing to be finished! Thanks for the Target heads up.  Andaluza, I am sleeping about like that too. Although I wish I could nap better. I barely doze. (ooo, sometimes right before labor you get a burst of energy, wonder if that is what is happening with your routine??)   I have been having really bad dreams. Don't know why. They are generally not baby related dreams, but just general bad ones. Ugh, it makes...
I have a pretty massive stash of newborn prefolds, flats, and diapers (like kissaluvs). As a result, I cannot bring myself to buy disposables. However, DH thinks that CD'ing a newborn seems completely overwhelming. Like adding a washing schedule to a newborn schedule, figuring out leaking, etc. What is your experience?
Soooo precious!!!!!  I lurrrrvvveee their matching onsies. So sweet ithappened!!! Thanks for sharing.
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