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Yay! Chanti! Congrats on Eulalie's birth. What an incredibly beautiful name! Happy you are all doing well.   Ithappened: Holy smokes, sorry about the parents. I bet you guys can almost not wait to have life back to normal. Twins! I still cant get over it! I am so happy for you that things are going smoother then the 1st time around. Thinking of you mama!   Lily! (apparently I have a lot of exclamation point energy tonight!) Congrats on your first cntx. Fun stuff....
yikes, sorry to hear that josie! What herbs do you use? like infusions?
Omg! Chanti! Prayers mama! Hoping for a smooth and easy delivery for you! Come on babykins!!!
LOL! Me too. My midwife, in fact said, "you need to let the house go". Hahaha, I wanted to LOL. And how is that supposed to make me feel less tired.  I know she meant it with the best of intentions, but nonetheless, I just couldn't imagine having a homebirth in a dirty house. 
I had really extreme tearing with my first. my mw's don't really suggest it for 2nd timers, (mostly they think it is useless) however, I am concerned about scar tissue.  Have you taken it with your second or more pregnancies? I am almost 37 weeks so would like to start soon if I am going to take it.
My dh and I are making pp pads (hehehe, dh would be mortified if he knew i shared that) It felt fantastic last time.  Aloe, lavender, witch hazel squirted on a maxi and frozen (individually wrapped for easy grabbin)   I have nursing bras, nursing pads, and a nursing cover. Last time I had none of these, and had to run to the store to get some leak pads. I just had no idea. We also have a ton of young men (age 14-25) in our fam, and call me crazy, but I just want...
Penny, sorry to hear the newest development, however Kaiser WC is the best! I have multiple friends who have delivered there naturally and have nothing but good things to say about it. Great mama/baby, checkout, easiness, etc. 
Tizzy, what happens at the home visit? I have mine on Friday.
Aw, nine tales, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this mama, I understand your fear of v backing a big baby. Truly consider your emotional state and go from there, as to whether or not you want to go forward with a c/s. Sounds like you are really stressed. It is unfortunate we do this to ourselves, but we do. I did it in regards to nursing my dd, and II have really struggled with feeling "let down" so my heart goes out to you. Best wishes mama. P.s. If you do...
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