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Coming back to this...here's a 1991 newsletter which quotes the original 1989 book: http://www.unsystem.org/SCN/archives/scnnewsextractsmay91/ch5.htm "* The best food for a baby who, for whatever reason, cannot be breastfed, is milk squeezed from the mother's breast. It should be given in a cup that has been sterilized in boiling water. Cups are safer than bottles and teats because they are easier to keep clean. * The best food for any baby whose own mother's milk is not...
Any tongue-tie in the picture?  It can be implicated in recurrent thrush. There is also a school of thought that says thrush which doesn't respond to treatment isn't thrush.  Have you been swabbed for a bacterial infection?  It could be concurrent with thrush.
Same boat here, so interested in any replies.  I do not know of any non-HCP who has taken the exam since they upped the educational requirements for 2011, and obviously it excludes those like you and me who may have the experience and lactation-specific training but not the college-level health science courses.  In many countries it's pretty much impossible to fulfil the requirements without taking a whole new degree in e.g. nursing, midwifery, medicine.  I was however...
Oh, I do hope you'll share your results!  I only know of the one older study on this.  However, as there seems to be a fair bit of recent anecdotal evidence suggesting that placenta consumption may actually negatively affect milk production, there is clearly a need for more research in this area.
My understanding is that LLL leaders are not able to share options for informal milk-sharing, but KSDoulaSara has some great suggestions.  Human Milk for Human Babies I think is exclusively on Facebook, but if you can find your local group (e.g. through a google search) you can usually e-mail the moderator directly.  Good luck, and how fab you are able to offer such a wonderful gift to other mums and babies.
I love our local page for Human Milk 4 Human Babies!  But you'd need to look for a page local to you.
Laura, so sorry for not replying earlier.  I didn't see your reply at first.  Thank you so much - I really appreciate your comments!  I guess we'll just keep going as we are, and see what happens.
Any UAE homeschoolers here?  Are you concerned by the recent reports that formal schooling will become a legal requirement for families to reside in the UAE?  I'm not sure what to think of it.  Of course nothing's certain at this point until or unless it all becomes law; but then will there be a recognised, legal homeschool option (whatever that may look like)?  Any thoughts?
Hello again, UAE mamas!  Just wanted to give you an update on peer breastfeeding support group Breastfeeding Q&A.  The group has just resumed monthly meet-ups in Dubai, and have a seminar in Dubai and an informal get-together in Fujairah planned for National Breastfeeding Week in November.  If anyone is interested (or knows anyone who might be!), please see http://www.facebook.com/groups/242418372502807/.
Hello Midwifetogo!  What sort of groups are you looking for?  Facebook groups which you might be interested in are UAE Natural Family Living Network, Breastfeeding Q&A Dubai UAE (it is actually UAE-wide), and La Leche League UAE (currently has leaders in Abu Dhabi).  http://www.facebook.com/groups/244138918988067/ http://www.facebook.com/groups/242418372502807/ http://www.facebook.com/groups/lll.uae/ 
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