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Congrats @angelasm1th I'm sure I'd be too excited to sleep too!
Sign me up already! I may even come in positive first, what with my incessant need to poas early .... (No judgement, I had to google the meaning of trifecta before I could reply to your post)
@rosie2727 and @chilee our cycles are lined up this month- I'm on CD10, so we will be enduring the 2ww together!
@EdenAurora I'm sorry you are suffering a loss. I've never been there, so can't relate but I am ttc following the mirena and it seems to me like early losses in the subsequent pregnancy after removal is common. If you decide to stick around in this forum (and I hope you do) it would be interesting to me to have some education on low progesterone because I feel like that will be something I need to explore on the coming months if I fail to conceive (I've had random lenght...
@badwolf092087 glad to hear your not suffering any ms- the tiredness and hunger are both signs that your baby is getting what he/she needs from your body. Just keep looking after yourself! I hope you check in here often, I really am drawn to babies and pregnant women these days! (I hope that doesn't sound creepy, I've just got such a new, profound respect for the wonders of new life). AFM I'm just switching between waiting to O and waiting to know and waiting to start to O...
@badwolf092087 what a gorgeous picture! I've never seen one with a heartbeat trace on before. How are you feeling these days?
@NSmomtobe congratulations on your BFP's, if you get chance post some pics? I love to see them! And try not to worry about the temp dip, I chart in celsius and I think 36.70 is the highest it has ever been and my coverlines are usually the same as @chilee's (36.3-36.4ish), so I'd still call it a high temp. What's your coverline like? Was it close to that? Lovely line @EdenAurora hoping you have a blissful pregnancy @tinytina I haven't been to the Dr's yet about my wacky...
@jenjy I was confident I O'd then, give or take a day, I had crosshairs on FF, and a pos opk. But either way, I had a temp drop today and AF has arrived. So I'm back to waiting to O again.
@AntoninBeGonin there is lots of reasons to be hopeful. May women get extra fertile after coming off BC. I concieved my first the first month off. Good luck! @ericka29 welcome! I wish I had joined a group like this in the waiting to be ready time. There is so much to learn about our bodies @rosie2727 sorry about AF. But congrats on having a body that is behaving as it should. Tad jealous! Because... AFM- my last cycle was 25 days, O'd on CD15 with 10 LP. Now I'm on CD...
Congrats on gettting the job! @rosie2727 And @girlspn please keep us updated, test and test again! It would be great if we had a bfp every few days, we've already got off to a great start so April looks set to be a POSITIVE month for the One Ladies! Lots of christmastime babies
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