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We had our little guy January 19th. He was due February 5th so approximately 2.5 weeks early. My b/p has been elevated so I went to the hospital for a stress test and some blood work. Everything looked good and they sent me home. An hour after I got home my water broke. I headed back to the hospital. After six hours with nothing starting but dilated to 4 after being less than two the doctor gave me to option to use pitocin. I decided to go ahead and do it. With the...
My husbands ex wife had that with their second child. They didn't find out until after birth though. She had a cleft lip and slightly underdeveloped left lung, but other than that was fine. She is 6 now and a bundle of energy who is smart as a whip!
Interesting, but I do that and my blood pressure started going up a few weeks ago.  I have gained a buttload of weight though, so that could be part of the b/p issue...  I am also pretty sure I have pregnancy related sleep apnea.  My poor husband. 
I have pretty much convinced my hubby that I won't go for D'Brickashaw, so now we have a few on our list...   We are using Thomas as the middle name after his father.   Jaxon Keenan Lucian Demetrius and at the top right now is Ryken     We are wanting a less used name.  I really like names with nicknames, but haven't come up with any good ones.  
I have placenta previa at this point, but my doctor was pretty sure it will move.  We are actually checking position on Thursday.  It was fully covering my cervix at the last u/s.  
My due date was actually changed to 2/5.  :)       Name- Sacha EDD- February 5th Other Children- Satori, Landon, Elizabeth, Dillinger Team- BOY!!!  
What great information!  I am going to have to check with my insurance.  :)
I don't know what could happen except your ex could file a paternity claim.  As long as it isn't his I don't believe there is anything to worry about.  They might be able to get you on perjury if you directly lied about it.
I am so sorry.  :(  I got lucky because my ex couldn't afford his lawyer and so couldn't really stall anymore.  I was married 45 minutes after the divorce was final.   It did come as a shock to me when the judge asked me if I was pregnant at the hearing, however she then asked both of us if we thought it was possible that the baby was my exes, we both said no, and she declared the child not a chid of the marriage.     I am thinking positive thoughts for you that...
Well, I have placenta previa.  Hopefully the placenta moves up so I don't need a csection.   Anyway, she wants me to stay out of work until I have gone a week without bleeding.  That means this weekend is using up 40 hours of my time.  :(  I was saving it for maternity leave so I would be paid while on FMLA.  I am only 17 weeks if this keeps happening then I am going to use all my time.  Just gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.  Baby looks good which is...
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