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26 with DD and 28 with DS.  Not sure if we're done yet
We're now closing in on 25 months, 2 of those tandem with my 2 yo and 2 mo babies I wasn't sure that my DD would nurse to 2 yo but I'm so glad she still loves nursing as much as I do!
Hi tbutton! Things are definitely better, I don't think I'm having oversupply issues anymore, but I still have an over active letdown. If Henry has slept for a few hours I'll be too full fr him and have to let the foremilk spray into a towel for a while just like you! Except he's hungry at that point and is mad about waiting! Other times he just pops on and off at the beginning and we are both pretty much drenched...I can't wait until I don't feel damp 24/7, ha
TButton, we're having some similar issues!  DS is 3 1/2 weeks old now, and he had a pretty tight tongue and lip tie that we got clipped (well, lasered actually) one week ago.  I have oversupply/overactive letdown this time too (I don't remember having it with DD), and the poor boy is just working his hardest to keep up.  I need to keep a towel next to me and let the foremilk spray into that I think.  We block nurse too, which seems to be helping him get hindmilk (he's...
Wonderful! Congratulations!!
Oh my goodness!! What a wonderful birth story, that little girl wasn't waiting for anybody!!
Rudhaen, calm and respectful is exactly what I wanted! And Henry is a calm and contented little baby too :) I can't say for sure it is because of his birth, but I know that it made a huge difference for me compared to DDs birth!
Once we crossed the 42 weeks 1 day threshold I was pretty sure I'd be pregnant for the rest of time....baby hadn't even engaged yet!  On Wednesday, 42+3, he FINALLY engaged, and was LOA (just like we wanted).  I was very hopeful that we would go into labor that day, but it wasn't until Thursday afternoon, 42+4 that contractions finally started coming regularly.  I was still working (from home), so I finished up everything I could and told everyone that it looked like...
New Posts  All Forums: