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thank you, that makes a lot of sense! no problem with the tmi... i am "tmi tai" lol
Hello all. Tomorrow, nov 7th, is my due date. We are planning for a homebirth and really want our little one to come when she's good and ready (i can't lie though, i'm getting very impatient and anxious). I lost my mucus plug about 2 weeks ago, had a midwife appointment a week from yesterday, she said i was one cm, over 50% efffaced, head is engaged, basically all systems are a go, just waiting for my hormones to kick into gear. ... I'm rambling   anyways! I was...
i've used them for the same reasons! that makes sense :)
thanks very much! 
Thanks a lot! I will definitely check it out!
I recently set up a couple of different consultations with some local midwives in the area and after the second one, was set and decided that I wanted her. I have a couple more to call and politely cancel my consultations with and was wondering what I should say. I'm a little bit socially awkward so I just don't want to come off as being rude. 
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