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My DD who is in nursery school (3) didnt want to fork over a princess toy today at school when it was clean up time. The one teacher (of 2) the sat my daughter in the time out chair for 40 MINUTES because she started to cry. The sat her there for 40 MINUTES (till it was time to leave) because she continued to cry!~ Not to mention the teacher told me she missed circle time, and snack time because she was too busy crying. She was given a snack 3 minutes (teachers words)...
Does it make a big difference with washing diapers?
Kindhearted Women
Sell it.
I think a combo of the detergent and sitting too long.
I have to agree with those who said Boxers! We got ours when she was a pup and my dd was 6 months old. They have been best friends and our Boxer is now our 9 month olds best friend as well. I think they are the best family dog.
The only thing that works with my super soaker is a MOE microfiber WITH hemp under it. Or a folded infant prefold WITH hemp under it. (thats for our Fuzzi Bunz and pockets) I think the hemp makes all the difference. The prefold or MOE catches all the fast urine and the hemp just soaks up the wettness when the moe is too full. I feel your pain! We change every 2 and a half hours unless poop and noticable pee. But this system also works for nights with us as well with the...
Did you buy them new or used? And what are the inners made of (wicking material) Do they wick in certain spots, (legs leak?) or is it the whole outside of the diaper be soaked?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ory=26269&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ory=26269&rd=1 OR is Wonderoos NOW Wonder Works? :LOL Am i That out of the loop? :
Off to have some fun!!! YAY!!! This stuff smells soooooo good!! I got the VS pink scent and it smells just like it!
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