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nope.. he is in PT for Torticollis. Which I guess alters his Motor skills yes.He also is going to be seeing a OMT as well... but they don't think that his arching is related to his neck or head issues.... they were thinking maybe its NEURO?   I was looking on-line and saw a few places said reflux issues, and some places said sensory or food in-tolerances...others said to take him to a Chiropractor.??  
I mean it really isnt a toy (bumbo seat) lol
id have to say the best toy we have is the one we didnt pay for and its the one he likes the most.. its one of those overhead toys you put over them so that the toys dangle over them to grab and when they pull them it plays music.... he has always loved it..great for motor skills. Also I would have to say the bumbo chair which i guess isnt really a chair but he likes it and his  Jungle Jumper play seat thats surrounded by toys and music... :P  
my son is 7 months old.. he goes to physical therapy 2 times a week. he CONSTANTLY arches his back and we cant get him to do anything. He hasnt learned how to sit up yet or crawl or even roll over all the time yet(almost). Its because he is always arching. As soon as you put him in a sitting position he aches back and crys. even if your sitting behind him its like he wants you to hold him up like he wants you to support him. His therapist says he has too much "extention"...
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