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So after much studying and talking to several professionals, I've decided it's best to wean him right now. My health is suffering as well as my babes. I really would have loved to do child led weaning but I know that this is what is best right now. I can't be the I need to be for him until I get all this mercury out of my body. Being able to have the energy to play and connect with him I think far outweighs the benefits of continuing to breastfeed. Now if he was only...
I did not have allergic reactions, but I did get clogged milk ducts every time I would take it.  I am not sure if it created a yeast overgrowth or what?   
Mama Bear, what did you end up doing about this?  I am going through the same thing right now, only my son is 17 months.  He will definitely put up a fight if I weaned him.  I dont want to traumatize him emotionally either and was wandering what you ended up doing and how you did it?  Thanks!
I have recently found out that I am being affected by 4 Amalgam fillings (mercury).  My 17 month old is also getting a little bit of the side effects although it is not too bad (trouble sleeping, going to sleep, and random sensitivities to food).  I am wrestling with what I should do.  I need to get them removed and replaced.  The dentist I would go to specializes in mercury removal and would use a dam, lots of water, and suction to remove them.  After having them...
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