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Sometimes true. Sometimes not. TPBM is hosting a birthday party for their DC in th next week.
1. I had major PMS today and was super grouchy all day long. 2. It took all I had to not yell at DD today. 3. The evening ended up nice though. We snuggled together, nursed and she went to sleep easily. (A nice surprise.) 4. Next week is crammed with stuff to do for home improvements. 5. In a week and a half, DD will have a birthday party here. I thought I must be nuts, but I decided to call myself "adventurous" instead.
We've been watching Star Trek: Voyager. It's been long enough that it's "new" enough to really enjoy again.
1. I finally unpacked my suitcase from our trip today. We got back 5 days ago. 2. I've been eating wheat and dairy on our "vacation" and now I'm paying the price. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - I am so tired. 3. My DD's 4th b-day is in 10 days and I still don't have the party planned. 4. Dh has to go back to work tomorrow. It will be rather quiet around here with just me and DD and the dog. 5. Time to go to bed, do a crossword puzzle and conk out.
I voted "OMG you ate it" but that's really because I am feeling obnoxious and I don't like peanut butter and jelly together anyway. I prefer my peanut butter on apple slices, and some people think that's nasty. I'm sure you'll be fine. As for butter, we don't use it at our place due to DD's dairy allergies, but growing up we always had a cube in the cupboard where it would be soft. It never stayed there long enough to get rancid or anything. My dairy farmer...
Thanks! Just bookmarked the site. My DD loves all things science. We even read science books at bedtime. It's fun to find new resources.
We just had our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday. We'll probably "celebrate" more later since we're on vacation right now and staying with the grandfolks and don't have much privacy. I had been married previously ( ) and then moved clear across the country where DH and I lived together as roommates for a brief period before we got together. So everything is kind of blurred for us in regards to an actual "get together" date. We're both originally from the same town and...
No advice here. Just a and some positive vibes for you and your pMIL.
Night person all the way. DH is a night person who is able to function in a day person world (most of the time anyway ). DD, on the other hand, is soooooooo not a morning person. She is a total grouch when she gets up. I'm not necessarily a grouch - just a zombie until I've had my coffee and stared at the computer or such for an hour. And FWIW, I love naps. I think I am able to get to sleep better for an afternoon nap than at nighttime when I am "supposed" to...
Here's a West Coast for you. I'm sure your DP and you will make the best choice for your family. It can be scary though. Glad you're feeling better.
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