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thanks hotsauce but sorry to hear you are still sick.  
Ok so starting yesterday afternoon I have been having a dull feeling in my uterus.  I keep telling myself that I am just feeling my uterus grow because I am super sensitive.  But I am a little concerned of course.  It was weird because it felt like my nausea and belly aching went down a little and then I noticed this.  But alas I puked this morning and still feel very much like a preggo.  Just curious if any second, third and on mamas notice more changes in there uterus...
I was just complaining that I needed to eat cereal right away when I get up but there is never a clean bowl or spoon... :)  I felt like such a sloth saying it.  Then I threw up...so yah really sick of the situation here and really still sick too.  My husband tries to keep up but he has been busy and stressed too.  We still have not found a house and we have to be out of this one in 10 days wow!  My kids are totally acting up and our diet is suffering..glad I am not alone  
Claim spiritual beliefs and they will give it to you right away.  Think of how silly this is and fight for the organ that you took 9 hard months to build and enjoy after the birth.  The hospital here just packages it in three biohaz bags and then sends them off but that is because so many women here have fought for that.  Good luck I would be pissed but I guess that is why I try to avoid all that drama at the hospital.
Ohh so exciting to see so many of you into placenta love.  I encapsulate placentas.  I actually have two to do in July and I am a little concerned with the morning sickness and all but it will probably be fine.  I am actually excited because I get some of the juju from the beautiful placentas every time I encapsulate(it is such a fulfilling job).  I plan on having my husband help me encapsulate mine.  With my 1st I laughed about encapsulation and said I would just eat...
So happy to hear some of you say that you are feeling a little better at 11 weeks.  I am 8 weeks and moving in two weeks Ahh!  I can't even pack I just lay around looking at everything.  I am glad it is taking a long time here to get nice out because the heat is soo making me sick.   How is the heat for those of you that are not in morning sickness anymore.  Does the heat get easier?  
I am hit with 8week morning sickness as of yesterday.  I couldn't get breakfast down, then went to teach yoga and puked on the way to get food.  I feel like I got behind with the eating the day before and now it is really hard to get back on track.  Ice water, protein(yogurt, meat and almond butter bars), fruit so happy it is fruit season :)  But just trying to put a little something in your mouth every hour and I sleep with food next to the bed but seriously mornings...
Positive Discipline is great too and I know their are classes in Portland.  Try googling it.  
Urggg It is so hard to read about those of you that have been what sounds like violently attacked during labor, my heart goes out to you and I hope that this birth will be healing for you.  It is for this very reason that I am so worried about choosing the right midwife for my third birth.  I moved away from the midwife that I used for my two other births and don't even know that I would go with that midwife again mainly because they are so busy.  At the time that I...
I just got rid of most of our cloth diapers as we were "done".  We do early potty learning too but def. need some diaps  and I think the easiest are the kissaluvs for newborns somebody once told me that you can rent them online because they grow out of them so quickly.  I think I am going to look into that.  
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