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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I think seeing a marriage counselor is a good idea.
I am so sorry
I want to buy diapers. Lots of diapers. Other than that I kind of feel like we have what we need. I'm sure when it gets closer I'll think of more things. When I was preggo with my first I wanted lots of baby items because it made things more real for me. I don't have that issue now!
We live with my family, so we told them right when we got the BFP at 3.5 weeks. They know how to be discreet. What I don't like is other people spreading the news for me. That is what MIL tends to do. To her she just feels like it's her news and she just spreads it to everyone she knows. She did that last time even though we expressly asked her not to. So this time we just haven't told her yet. I have been telling people in my community as I see them, I just enjoy telling...
I'm 11 weeks and DS is 16 months. So far we've had no issues with supply and he nurses a lot. Molars are coming in so he would seriously nurse every hour if he could. Sometimes I try to distract him because of nipple pain or just feeling really overwhelmed in my body (from being pregnant and having him all over me) but usually I just nurse him because it means so much to him. I really hope my supply lasts so he can nurse as long as he needs to.
Still drinking kombucha and water kefir
So at 9 weeks I wasn't sure, but by a week ago (10+1) I was absolutely sure I was feeling baby. It's been so cool this past week getting used to that feeling again. It makes the pregnancy SO much more real, especially since I'm unassisted so I haven't heard the heartbeat or had an ultrasound or anything. DH is really excited even though of course he can't feel it yet
We're thinking DH and I will be Boris and Natasha, DS will be Bullwinkle, and little squish will be Rocky. We'll have to see what we're up to at the time!
So we're all going to have newborns on Halloween! If you celebrate, what are your costume ideas for such a little one? If you have older children, will their costumes match?
I had Alastair Roy picked as one of my boy names, but decided it's too much like one if my girl names (Alice Rose). I guess I just have really consistent taste lol
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