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Wow. I'm glad I haven't seen that. Now that is sad and just disturbing!
Thanks, zoebird. You made my day.
Wonderfullymade, what does "lobbed labia" mean? I'm having all sorts of mental images here, and none of them pleasant...
She's not anemic, she does not have m/s, no physical problems at all. It really is just a lack of motivation and an inability to focus at school. She does want to finish the coursework at home, so at least she's not trying to get out of it completely. There isn't a true "medical" reason to write her an excuse, but mwherbs, that is where the dilemma is for me. Is being pregnant in and of itself enough of an excuse to be able to take a break from the stresses of...
This will be my second UP/UC. Just wondered if there were any more November do-it-yourselfers.
I have been asked that a few times with this, my 7th pregnancy, 6th baby, after 2 hospital births, 2 midwife-assisted homebirths, and 1 UC. I guess maybe because we ended up transporting our UC baby (born at 34.5 weeks) at 4 hours PP for breathing difficulties (TTN) that people are assuming that we will just opt to have the baby at the hospital this time to save ourselves the trip?? Okay. Now I am releasing all of that. I blew it all into a big red balloon and then I...
I have got a client who is taking college courses (mostly for fun) and is having trouble staying motivated enough to get up and get to class every day. She wants me to write her a letter that will allow her to finish her coursework at home. On one hand, I can totally relate because I know (and I'm going through it again too) how draining, both physically and emotionally, a pregnancy can be. A mother's focus turns inward, and I personally believe that this sort of...
So sorry, mama. Hugs and heart healing energy being sent your way.
The Bravado bras are good, but I really loved my Bella Materna bras with my last pregnancy. They are expensive, but I bought two and they lasted about two years, so they were worth it, and they carry the large cup size I needed. Be sure to use their sizing if you order online though.
Congratulations! (That's sparkling cider, btw.)
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