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I'd try a frame carrier. DD got fed up of being in the Ergo long before she got fed up of being in the Macpac carrier we have. However, she'll only stay up there for an hour as the absolute tops.
this is going to sound so stalkerish, but OP - you write a blog, don't you? I have just discovered it & really enjoy it! Anyway I am in London but love Berlin, so this post caught my eye... Back to stalking!
Lexbeach has a post on this - one of her boys has pierced ears. She blogs at totallysmittenmama.blogspot I think.
I did once stay in the Youth Hostel (YHA) there, which is conveniently placed & your usual YH facilities. & cheap!
How young is young? Personally, we have decided that we will not travel to malarial areas with under-4s just for "fun". If a job or a long term opportunity came up we would consider moving back. The risk (specifically of malaria, since last time we were in malarial area the baby next door died of malaria) does not seem worth it to us for a 3 week beach holiday that we could hold off on for now, but could be worth it for a more long-term situation. Re: water - I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by nannymom I've read the entire thread and I don't know what the solution is for the coach. I'm just curious-are there really people out there who think 8 is an acceptiable age to be left alone in a public space like a park? I think an 8 year old, depending on the individual 8 year old, can spend time alone in public spaces, yes.
A typical scenario... On Sunday, I took DD & her bike to play with a friend, A, who lives nearby. They are both weeks away from turning 2. Both kids wanted to ride on A's bike. A was happy to take turns with DD (it was HIS bike). DD was not happy to take turns - she wanted it the whole time. A's mother & I insisted on clearly defined turns ("at that lamp-post it will be A's turn again... at that tree it will be DD's turn...") but DD screamed blue murder every minute she...
Quote: Originally Posted by smokeylo Everywhere Babies has a page that features kids and parents on bikes. That's what I was going to say. DD loves that page.
Is that an All Tomorrow's Parties festival? I know they are normally held at Butlins. I would imagine it would be imminently suitable for a toddler in that you stay in cabins, not in tents, & there will be kid friendly facilities on site left over from the normal Butlins stuff - a playground etc (I am guessing at that, I've never been to ATP or to Butlins). I'd take a toddler for sure. I've always seen kids at festivals I've been to - more at some festivals than others,...
My good friend is due with her second - her first will be 2 yrs 3 months when the 2nd is born - & I think a sling is going to save her life! She didn't really get into it last time around. She had a Baby Bjorn that hurt her back (duh) & a friend gave her a wrap that she found too intimidating to use. Would an Ergo be a good one? I used one with DD but only from 4 months - is it any good for breastfeeding in when using the infant insert? I saw a mum the other day with what...
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