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Interesting.  I was told by my midwife that I tested positive for GDM with an AIC of 5.7.  They are having me see a dietician and change midwifes to a special "diabetes midwife". From what I have heard, it is pretty ridiculous given that I am only 13 WEEKS!!  I guess the extra care will not hurt, and less sugar is prob good for everyone but to tell me I've tested positive for GDM and worry me!!!  That was really unnecessary.  I am not overweight and fit.  No history or...
  Nice knockers Jess!!!!
Yay!  Thanks so much all!!    I am really taking to heart everything you said. I feel incredible!  I love this group!!   Jess, we are so lucky to have you as a resource of knowledge....as well as caring and support.
Look at that sweet little hand....and cute belly!!  The baby looks perfect!  
Jess, you are so wonderful!!!  The fact that you took the time to write all this information so I would feel better.  What a caring person...to a stranger!!  Thank you so much!   So it all started when one of the midwifes in the practice left me a voice message saying that I tested positive for GDM....that was it.  I called back and no one returned my call. I had an appnt anyway last night.So because my Aic levels are 5.7 I am put in a special category where I see a...
Thanks mamas!!  My midwife ordered various blood tests from the lab.  AIC (hemoglobin level) and blood glucose level was part of this.  I am 41 yrs with several previous losses so maybe this is why they included the tests for diabetes.  It turns out my AIC level is right on the line of pre-diabetic (5.7%)...I am so relieved.  It will be easy to eat less carbs....so I feel confident that I can get my levels down and all will be ok.  We also heard heartbeat again tonight. ...
I am shocked.  All the fruit I have been eating and wonderful juices have put me and my baby at risk.  I am already a celiac and lactose free.....now I have to be ultra careful about my sugar intake?  ugh! I feel like fruit and smoothies got me through my morning sickness.  At least I am feeling much better physically..emotionally, I am scared that I have hurt my baby.  They say it is dangerous when all the vital organs are developing.  GD is not common until the third...
Wish you the best laurli and grays mommy!!!  Keep us updated!!
Welcome vick!!  Congrats to you!! Wow, first try!! My husband and I started the IVF route (after 4 years of pregnancies and losses) but then I lost my job. But here we are....9 weeks pregnant the ol' fashioned way.    I had terrible side effects from the progesterone suppositories that I was on during a couple of pregnancies to prevent miscarriage. Hang in there.  Good luck to you!!  
Yay!!!!! Congrats Jean!!!  So glad for you.  Bonus, you are further along than you thought...so less sick days left!!  
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