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I do happen to be from Idaho. Congrats on the pregnancy! And thanks for the welcomes!
You could start one!! Maybe monthly.....there are at least a handful of us here on mdc.....
My three oldest attend the cottage school (4th, 3rd, 1st grades). We just moved here this summer and this is our first experience with "school". I am VERY happy with it! Any specific questions you have?
Oh my heck!! After two days of reading through this thread...I finally made it to present time!! Wow!! and sort of weird and disappointing....it's been a fun two days getting to know all of you....even though I am a total stranger to you.... I used to post on the LDS thread way back when (stacymom and marly and a few others posted on it too) and then some huge controversies happend and it was too depressing so I quite. I am so happy to see that this is a support...
I second what AmberLion said....my dad takes a warm shower every night to help his legs calm down (he has it really bad). And, having sex with my husband almost always makes it stop.
I have had issues with RLS with this pregnancy (and it runs in my family in general). Upping my iron seemed to be one of the things that helped the most (I was a bit anemic anyway). The other thing I've found that helps is to keep my body busy until it is actually bedtime...like if I just hang out on the couch watching a movie or whatever before bed, it is worse, but if I am up and moving around before bed, it's not so bad. I have also heard that upping your calcium can...
Any in Colorado Springs? (I checked the website of the Dr. in Falcon and they are not accepting any new patients probably until late 2009!)
We are planning our first homebirth!!! I am very much looking forward to not having to leave my house and not being in an uncomfortable hospital bed after delivery!!! Not sure how it's all going to work exactly with the 5 kids at home (we are planning on just keeping them home)...but I guess if I need more space then they are giving me we could always pop in a movie or two. My mom will be here, so that will be nice and she is really excited about the homebirth too. I...
Did they ever find the missing IUD? That is so cool and such a miracle that she is here and in your family....congratulations!
I'm not nursing anymore, but my baby does kick a lot more when there is pressure on my tummy like a child leaning against me or my husband's arm across my tummy....I think it is very sweet...like the baby is trying to communicate with us already and enjoys it when he can tell someone is near. With my other pregnancies, this was always the case as well...baby in utero got excited and moved around when pressure was on my tummy. Just a sweet way to bond already.
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