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wow...I didn't expect so much debate...I guess ther rumors are true that the gd boards can be *hairy* at times... I hope op had a good Christmas. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you run out and buy "how to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk" ...it is brilliant and really helps you to learn how to talk to your children respectfully (not saying you are not...but I think most people don't even realize it when they aren't...) and how to have a better...
yeah, thanks everyone....i will give it a few more months before i worry! luckily, she has learned to chew a whole lot of foods with just her gums!!!
...is there anything to worry about? dd will be 18 months next month and still only has her two bottom teeth, which she got when she was about 14 months. It seems so odd. She is healthy and happy, just virtually toothless!
"but a three-day old baby needs to have feet inside in a ring sling, with legs in the froggy position. Their legs shouldn't come out until at least three to four months, when they are able to straddle your body and have their legs supported down to the knee in a seated position in the sling." why do you think that? I have heard that before, but never have been able to figure out why. I have always carried my babies with their feet sticking out the bottom...with their...
I have always found that the chest to chest position (with babies feet sticking out the bottom, head supported by the top of the sling, sling VERY snug to hold baby in place on your chest) is the most comfortalbe for baby and mommy and easiest to be able to get stuff done and care for a toddler, etc. You can also so the chest to chest with a wrap using the double crossover tie...which you can also do with baby on yoru back as well (yes, with a newborn!) Congrats on...
i have always carried my babies chest to chest (same as t2t?) with their feet and head/shoulders out...I have never met a baby who did not like this popsition since the sling just takes the place of your arms....if you need some pics i would be happy to e-mail you some. also, what type of sling do you have?
hang in there!!!! call your local le leche league (www.lalecheleague.org) asap to get the support and help you need!! It is sooooooooooooooooo worth it to stick with it!!
a good way to be able to pump more milk is to pump while breastfeeding
i think it smells like microwave popcorn
read the no-cry sleep solution by pantley....it's really good! i would write more, but nak!
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