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Hey there!   I'm looking to obtain some good quality indoor footwear that's comfy for children ranging from 1-5.    I had the Skidders brand put in my ear once, I like that they look pretty comfy and slipper-esk, though I'm judging purely from online photos.   Plug anything and everything you have for suggestions in my ear, please!   Greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the replies! Cheers!
I'm in the works of establishing a community dwelling in my new little town, and will be running a child care centre in our facility. Using natural, safe and earth-friendly products with the children involved is very important to me (I'm sure such a thing is important to many here!).   With that said, I'm looking to load up on a few products and would greatly appreciate some brand recommendations. Recipes for make-it-yourself products are appreciated too. Lots of...
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