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i spoke with someone 2 weeks ago this coming Wednesday. He was in good spirits and very friendly. i haven't heard a peep sinse then. when i call i just get the voice mail and yesterday when i drove to his house he seemed to have alot of mail. But then again he could just get alot of mail to. This would be the 2nd time hes gone mia on me, the first he was around but lost his cell so he couldn't call me. But this phone is a landline. What would you do if you were me?
call at at less busy time. like now if you can. Comcast is "open" 24 hours a day and i do most of my calling late at night. if the person cant help me i ask for a supervisor and almost immed get one. Be adament and strong stating that you were told the would wave the fee. If all else fails tell them you will not cntinue to use their service and call the bbb. make sure to get everyones names as well. i have a love hate relationship with them and my being firm and sometimes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy What's rock without Rolls? oh wait a minute I've got those too. its true though you do rock!
not me but yay congrats hun!!! How is my truck loven buddy to my boys?
23 things boxed up to go tomorow for MIN/FIN 2 items sold 3 things in my donate to chairty pile 6 shirts to go to a min or donate 58/500 i really outa go thru my junk drawer id get 50 right there lol
i do it for alot of reasons. im an avid lurker not so avid poster. but feel bad if i lurk on a thread and dont post. if im invis. "you" dont know i read but didnt reply. ya its kinda selfish but aprently so am i. ive also had issues with people following me from other places that i do not wish for them to know weither i am online or not. im invisable just about everywhere now. Also in re: to cable internet and being here, after about 15-20min your "light" would go off...
going out on a limb here: im declutering big time and have a hug stack of clothing that needs a new home. Some of it is in great shape but some of it isnt. So if you might be looking for XL t shirts with stains ,bleached out look or small holes for jammies PLEASE edit your info! They are still wearable for lounging just not outside wear. id keep them but i usually just sleep in the shirt i wore for the day hence why i wear out my shirts so much
i dont mind. im always "online" though so if you say hi and i dont respond back its probly because while my yahoo is on, im not.
i have an older knemore model. About 4 years old. occasionally it doesnt seal tighlty but its not a huge deal to me. i use it with both bags and canning jars. rember toi not use liquids in your bags lol. I buy the walmart generic brand and they work fine and are cheaper. One of the best investments i ever made.
like this And about every 3 months we go thru and weed out the broken ones, things the never play with etc. As far as picking up, my kids will often dump 2 or 3 baskets out. but they know where they belong now (with minamal promting, i,e the cars go in the little blue bin) I have found it works better to at first have the child learn to pick up their toys and put them in like a big box, while you put them away in their right spot. Then to gradually help them learn where...
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