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Quote: Originally Posted by WitchyMama2 I pm'd Stacy a few days ago but didn't hear back, should I pm someone else? Giver her a little bit more time. I got a reply today from a pm i sent a few days back. She got a sick family and im sure a 100 pms to go thru.
I know the feeling. ive been having baby lust for quite some time now. It sucks. But like you im still young (25) so we can wait a bit ((hug's)))
im so smiley challenged. Go you though!!
i had an emergency c sect with my first and nursed him. and a sched. sect. with my 2nd and nursed him as well. itd really not that hard you just need to find your "happy spots" my fav was the football hold or side laying.
i havent made any but have thought of using worn t shirts (that are beyond hope in terms of wear) and have recycled yucky blankets and the fiberfill from old pillows to make new ones.
Thank you both! off to check the link and write the name of that book down for the library lol
lmao yup!
Quote: Originally Posted by romans_mum why care......the govt subsidizes crap food to be put in schools, they make WIC parents buy junky juice and baby food for their children......the govt dont really care about the health issues and obesity problems.....they care about the money coming from them via prescriptions and the billion dollar a year diet industry. Not to mention, that train of thought is extrememly classist, just because they are low income...
i have had many days like that. We end up vegging out and me doing nothing lol. Wishing you a better tomorow!
ive been semi succesful (lets just say i had a few bothced attempts due to a 2 and 5 year old that like to play with dirt ) attempts at growing some commonly used veggies in containers. However i need some help. The carrots we planted i didnt put enough soil in, i dont know what i was thinking. Can i transplant them? they are still in the early stage but are growing nicely and each have at least 2 sets of uh leaves? ya'll must know what i mean. Can i grow herbs from...
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