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Thanks again everyone! its so true about the soap i swear im programmed to use it even when i tell myself i wont lol
our futon frame complelty died so its on the curb now. 24/500 i am sailing thru this
Im sure you ment well but as many have said you can never know someones background. My car is a newer car that i bought when i had one infant and a husband. It still looks new because i take care of it. If you could actually here it you know my muffler is shot and i have no heat in the car but it looks new. I also stock up big time when i get my food stamps (the 7th of every month) so that i only need to make the once a week quicky trips to get perishables, so i often am...
ive been easing into natrul body care items when i can afford them but ive yet to find something that doesnt make me feel squeky clean. i have VERY dry skin and my kids are mixed so they get really dry in the winter as well, and nothing natrual seams to help in terms of body wash. i despise using lotion and have always used softsoaps milk and honey body wash. makes me feel clean without being dry. Is their anything natural that you know of that doesnt dry out your skin?...
Late to join but im in. We are moving in the next few months and i am such a packrat its so sad! donated/freecycled: a handfull of toys on the curb (saying 5) Thrown away: 2 bags of trash from 2 rooms took the bag of cans to get the deposit. $10.35 later.. can i count this as at least 10 please? cleaned out fridge (to make room for more! 6 items gave to its rightful owner: sold: total 23/500
i get $320 in food stamps for myself and my 2 kids. we also get wic thankfully sinse all of us need lactaid milk. having said that by the end of the month things can get pretty sparse lol. we rarely go out to eat unless someone else (read my parents) are paying. maybe once a month or so we'll order a pizza. We live in MA
yikes!! heres hoping for no or very min. damage. i have a love hate relationship with that site, i love it because i can usually find the bug im looking for but it gives me the willies like no ones bussiness!
http://whatsthatbug.com/wasps.html if not go here and root around http://whatsthatbug.com/index.html but be warned there is every kind of bug imaginable there! :
in my attempt to cut cost as much as humanly possible id like to continue our garden thru the fall and winter, however we live in MA where we get EXTREMLY cold temps and sometimes early as in late sept. ive looked where i can online but really im not that good lol. id like to start planting now if possible. things we eat are mushrooms carrots lettuce peppers tomatoes green/yellow beans celery radishes my boys also could eat strawberries for ever and a day so...
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